Kate McKenzie

Could travelling with purpose change your life?

13340620_853364351442472_1820521601_oAs our Worldviews Project Ambassadors, Brian Cleland and Jacob Van Dyke prepared to head to Iceland this month (Read full story here)  I asked them why they wanted to take on the added adventure of completing all 20 Passport Project challenges.  I asked them if they thought that travelling with this sense of purpose could actually change their lives?

“I hope to finally broaden my horizons. My entire life has been spent very close to home, so in taking this trip and aiming to accomplish these goals I mainly just want to see how much is out there and how much I can discover about myself along the way.” Jacob Van Dyke


“The passport challenge is a great way to become more immersed in a different culture, and it gave us a lot more incentive to look for local events and meet people that we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.” Brian Cleland


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Two Local Calgarians Take Author’s Challenge on First International Trip

 IMG_8453 (1)Brian Cleland & Jacob Van Dyke are about to head off on an adventure of a lifetime.  The two young Calgarians decided that for their first international trip they wanted to give themselves a challenge. After meeting local author, Kate McKenzie they decided to take her book, “Passport Project,” and use it to turn their trip to Iceland into an adventure.

 “Passport Project is designed to help people explore their own community or another community by completing 20 challenges. Challenges include trying a different type of ethnic cuisine, visiting an art gallery and meeting someone from a different culture,” states McKenzie.  The book was inspired by McKenzie’s own travels around the world and across Canada as a filmmaker documenting positive news for Worldviews Project.  “By taking these challenges, people can explore and be adventurers in their own backyard.” Continue reading

Good News From Saskatchewan!

After many hours of editing we are so pleased to share with you the first episode in our 13 part series on Canada.  We have been travelling across Canada over the last five months with the dream of combatting negative news by sharing more positive news.  Completing this first episode feels amazing! We can’t wait to share it with you and would love it if you shared it with everyone you know.  Continue reading

An Antidote for Black Friday Mania

The green coat in the window was stunning.  I knew it would look great on me, so I walked into the store filled with beautiful things to try it on.  On Black Friday, I find myself pulled into stores, onto websites or consumed with the thought that I need more.  It seems every news station, every advertisement is building a case against me to convince me I will be less valuable if I don’t purchase something.  Continue reading

Worldviews Project Hits the Road

?list=PL75044731AB3322D4 Check out our first steps on our cross-Canada journey.  We started in Calgary and have arrived in Saskatoon Saskatchewan! So excited to find stories of hope!

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Rocking Iran Style – Perspectives on Hijab

      Check out what me and Lucas wore in Iran!  Took me a while to adjust to figuring out how I was going to make my own style.  I was completely amazed by the women of Iran and their ability to wear a headscarf in so many different ways.

I’d ask other women how they kept theirs in place and try and copy their skills!  And we also had to ask how it was possible that some women wore their hair in what looked like a return to Prascilla Elvis’ beehive hair-do.  We’d try to get glimpses as they passed but finally had to ask a friend.  She quickly showed us it was all made possible by a giant “loofa-like” hair clip worn at the crown of the head so that they could wear their scarf just a wee bit further back.  It took the big hair look to a whole new level.

People have asked me if it was strange to wear a head scarf.  Yes in some ways but no in others.  I didn’t view it as a big deal since for me it was just about showing respect for their culture.  But it was also amazing to arrive in Israel and be able to feel the breeze against my skin after being covered up for so long!  Perhaps my favourite perspective on hijab though came from one of my former students who told me “I like wearing a head-scarf because when I’m wearing it I know that I’m not being judged on how I look but rather on what I say and my actions.”  Pretty amazing perspective!

Inspiring Youth in Pakistan

http://youtu.be/a1bqYo0ralU I just arrived in Pakistan and wanted to pass on a quick moment I captured on camera especially since today is World Environment Day. These youth were marching in 45°C weather to show support for the environment!  Inspiring!  All I felt like doing was finding the nearest air conditioned place and drinking as much water as possible!  Hope you all have a wonderful day and are able to find some small way to be grateful for our beautiful earth.


Film Competition

 Here was the challenge: Make a film and three photographs each on a specific theme, in a limited geographic area all in one day!  So after an intense brainstorming session over breakfast and coffees, me, Sadie and Hilary took off to put our Vietnamese, film-making and creativity to the test.  How could we come up with something creative, short (only 90 seconds) and something that reflected some of the humorous situations that were always happening in Vietnam?  Added to the challenge, we had to start with the sky, end with eyes, include a dress, a white shirt and a man searching for a woman in a shop somewhere in our film.

This video was our finished product for the Maraxuan Competition and voting will take place throughout the week at Eté Resto Cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam.  I would love to see this idea of encouraging creativity, exploring your own city and bringing people together used by more organizations! My hat’s off to Eté for coming up with such a great concept!