Kate McKenzie

Inspiring Stories of Breaking Down Cross-Cultural Barriers

Every once in a while it’s nice to be able to sit back and relax and watch a few positive stories.  Below are a few we’ve come across over the last couple of years that made us smile. It’s inspiring to know that despite our cultural differences it is possible to find commonalities.

You may be asking yourself what can I do to break down barriers?  You can start simply by taking the time to ask good questions.  Whether someone is from a different culture, religion, mental health perspective or sexual orientation taking the time to ask them more about their culture is a great first step.  I often start by asking “What do you wish people knew about ______?” Another option is to check out what I did in response to the Ottawa shooting and consider sending your own postcard to a group in your community that needs a little extra love.


Canadians Help Americans with Anthem

Surfing Break Down Cultural Barriers in Ireland

How a Ball-Pit Can Allow People to Connect











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