Kate McKenzie

Start A Positive News Revolution

I have a whole new respect for Rick Mercer.  Being an Alberta girl I have always wanted to see the Toronto alley where Rick Mercer films his infamous rants. So when the opportunity to film my own “positive news” rant presented itself I jumped on it.  In my enthusiasm I missed a key detail…the clouds forming overhead.

It started as a drizzle then quickly escalated to giant drops and then the clouds unleashed a full downpour.  All the while I was determined to finish my rant on positive news.  My umbrella, discarded for the sake of the film, was flying down the alleyway.  We were filming between shouting matches by drunken university student frosh groups and desperately trying to keep the camera equipment covered in plastic.

So why continue?  There’s something important about taking the time to explain why you believe what you do.  I chose to battle the elements because I believe that positive news has the power to change our world, to shift our expectations, to challenge our stereotypes, to evoke our imagination and to inspire us towards positive change.  Help me start a positive new revolution today – it’s simple – start by telling one person today something that was good about your day. Happy sharing!


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