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Inspiring Quotes

While listening to hundreds of hours of interviews as I edit them for our upcoming episodes I was inspired today by musician Trina Nestibo and humanitarian Craig Kielberger.  Check out their quotes:

“You know in the media today we hear and we see news as most often in my opinion being terrible, negative, crime and you know dissonance and that’s got to be discouraging for our young people.  They’re our future and we need to fill them up with hope and so in gathering good news and sharing it with them it’s going to fill their hearts and hopefully it will inspire them to follow their passions as well. ” ~Trina Nestibo (Children’s Musician)
“You know, Desmond Tutu, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, I once said to him that I stopped reading the newspaper because it reminded me too much of the negative, the war, violence, poverty in the world. And he said to me that the newspaper is not a collection of the negative is it actually the collection of God’s ‘to do’ list delivered to your front door everyday, that these are all stories that need to be changed, things that we need to rewrite. And so I think the negative news is an opportunity and the positive news is a dose of hope that reminds us not to be overwhelmed by the challenges, so I think we need a little bit of both. We need to be reminded sometimes that our world has shortcomings and we need to be reminded of the great stories of inspiration to make sure we can overcome those challenges.”
~Craig Kielberger (Humanitaria Free the Children) 

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