Kate McKenzie

Are You Mentally Resilient?


Training for a marathon, triathlon?  Gearing up for a new job or trying to stay motivated from home? Looking for ways to better handle challenges and obstacles? Learn practical strategies to give you the competitive edge by building mental resiliency.  Attend our lunch&learn at Cafe Blanca by registering today

How are you at facing challenges head-on? Can you preserver through obstacles? Are you  able to recover quickly from mistakes and failures? Do you have a game plan for difficult days or when you’ve gotten sucked into a Netflix binge?

Being mentally resilient, or mentally tough means you have the ability to bounce back from failures and persevere through challenges.  It is a key skill set needed in athletics, creative pursuits, business and in maintaining our relationships.  Whether we are training for a marathon, pitching our latest idea, recovering from a loss or trying to stay disciplined we need mental resiliency.

For me mental resiliency has been something I have been working to develop my whole life.  As a competitive rugby player, an artist, a social innovator, and as someone who has dealt with mental health issues for most of my life I don’t only need to gain skills in being resilient, I rely on those skills on a daily basis.

I’m excited to share the lessons I’ve learned and the research and stories I’ve uncovered from my interviews with leaders, artists and innovators from across Canada and internationally about how we each gain skills to be more mentally resilient.  For more information and to register  please follow this link: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/building-mental-resiliency-tickets-16962536403

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