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Risk Taking

  I am learning a lot about taking risks lately.  I’m learning that most everything you start is a little awkward, yucky and difficult at the beginning.  Whether it’s making friends in a new city, trying something new or just putting yourself out there there is a point when you want to turn and run and stop trying because public displays of learning and risks are difficult! I’m learning that when I trust others and learn from their mentorship that it usually turns out well and is worth it.  I hope I can keep living a life where I continue to go outside of my comfort zone in small ways so that I become better at laughing at my mistakes, smiling and shaking it off when it doesn’t work.  I’m also learning that taking those little risks and helping someone else can make a huge difference when we least expect it.  Check out this TED talk to see what I mean.  I know that for me, these guys helping me learn something new made my day better!  Do something today that scares you a little – maybe, like me, you’ll have a chance to do something you always wanted to and live in the joy of the moment!

16 thoughts on “Risk Taking

  1. Miss. McKenzie, great video, you always stick by your words of wisdom. Never once have I seen you tell us something and you not do it yourself. Just remember to stay strong, meet new people and most importantly inspire and be inspired.

    • Thanks Sophia. That means a lot. I hope I can keep being a person of integrity. Sometimes it’s hard to practice what you preach but you girls are part of what keeps me strong knowing that I want to be able to show you all the joy and hope that life has to offer!

  2. Miss McKenzie,
    We really enjoyed the video that showed you taking a risk. It was very encouraging. You taught us that we should have more trust in others and do things that we’ve always wanted to do.
    You are already taking a huge risk in going on this trip and within that huge risk there are many smaller risks, please know that throughout all of the obstacles you face, we support you and miss you back home.
    Love, 8a

    • Thanks 8A! I think that these little risks, like putting up your hand in class, spending lunch with someone different or trying something new are often the hardest. I’d love to hear your stories about what kind of risks you are taking and in what ways your encouraging yourself to step outside of your comfort zone.

  3. Hi Ms. McKenzie!
    I hope you are doing well and having the adventure of a lifetime! Your inspirational personality is what inspires us all! Risk is a journey and each individuals task is to overcome it. Our risks are a challenge to see if we can defeat the obstacles and go forth in trying something new.
    We will always be by your side in every path you take, every risk you take, and always help you fulfill it through the best means.
    Keep believing in the world and the wonderful people in it!
    Miss you lots!

    • Thank you Samina. I still have your rock with me. It goes with me everywhere I go reminding me to be confident and to step forth confidently into the world with a spirit of adventure!

      • Hi Ms. McKenzie!
        I feel so grateful that my small gift has become such a big part in your everyday life. To take a risk you must have courage. And like we said, you are on a journey which is a huge risk, you have taken the courage to inspire millions that got lost on their journey. You are the most inspirational person I have ever met. Smiling evreyday and turning down days into joyful adventures.
        I am so lucky to have met you in my path of life.
        Thank You for being You

  4. Hi Ms. McKenzie!

    This video is so inspiring, Its actually inspired me so much that I’ve actually been trying things that I’ve never thought I’d be able to do. You rock ms. McKenzie Please don’t give up hope and meet new people and make new friends along the journey.

    • Thanks Jessica! That means a lot to me. What have you been trying out? I think when we try new things it’s scary but also exhilarating! It’s an opportunity to really be alive rather than just operating on auto pilot, ya know?

      • Hi Ms. McKenzie

        I totally agree, i’v been trying out different sports like volleyball and badminton and have totally fallen i love love with these sports, I think taking risks can impact your life both in negative ways and positive ways it’s an amazing learning experience <3

  5. Ms. McKenzie, you rock my world! I love following your adventures and look forward to seeing you in Italy in the fall. Carry on.

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