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 So because so many people ask me where I went on my trip, here it is: Colombia, Uganda, Rwanda, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Iran, Israel and Italy. My google map explains where I went and when and allows you to zoom in.  When I am travelling you can also use the side bar on my home page where it says “Meet Ups” to suggest a place to meet up or to suggest an idea for an interview.  If I’m not travelling I can be found in Calgary, Canada.

2 thoughts on “WHERE I WENT

    • Hello Bago! Of course I remember you! I will always remember you and your family’s hospitality! You were so generous to me and I learned so much from my time spent with you. How are you doing lately? How are your children? How are the widows? I am hoping to someday soon have the story on your community done. It is taking me so much longer than I originally thought but I hope it will happen soon! You can let the widows know that their prayers came true – I am recently engaged!

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