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Inspirational Monday: Passing the Puck

 I believe that sport has an amazing ability to teach where lessons and talks fall short.  For me, sport has often been a metaphor for understanding greater concepts and has helped me to learn how to live in community with others.  Whether it was playing Rugby, running in Track, or just getting people together for a game of frisbee I believe there is an amazing power to learning through games and fun! See how Alejo from Colombia is bringing a new sport to his city and how it is uniting people and building leaders!

9 thoughts on “Inspirational Monday: Passing the Puck

  1. I love this kind of videos, i want to make one like that… this is my team, i couldn’t make it that day bc my bike was a pain, but… THANKS KATE! i really really love what you’ve done with the video and the interview and everything! We Appreciate wthat you did and you’re welcome anytime for visit! =)

    • Thanks Natalia! Love what you and Alejo are doing there! Keep it up (did you see I put you in the credits?) Sorry I couldn’t stay longer but I had to run to catch my flight!

  2. Koodos to you Alejo! I was so surprise to see you and what you are accomplishing in Colombia it brought tears to my eyes. God willing this film will get the attention to hockey teams here in America who can and will donate their used equipment to your team. I didn’t get the name of the team, what is it? Love and blessings — Myriam

  3. Awesome video! It was really inspiring. We didn’t know they played hockey in Colombia! We think it was one of the best videos so far. Keep up the good work!

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