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24 Small, Meaningful Acts Of Kindness

Sometimes it’s hard to remember what’s going on in the world that is amazing. These stories were featured in a recent article by Buzz Feed to help remind us all that the world is still a beautiful place.  I have included some of my favorites here for you.

A moment of peace in the midst of conflict.

An older couple paid for a younger couple’s Valentine’s Day meal.

An amazing couple that helps each other.

Opposing team who carried Sara Tucholsky to each base after she injured her knee touching first on her first-ever home run.


This happy sign on the side of a street.


A Dad’s response to his son before he came out to him.

Men supporting women’s rights and helping to end violence against women by walking a mile in her shoes.

Helping one person realize their dream of crowd surfing at a concert.

For more stories follow this link.  Thank you to Daily Good and Buzz Feed for promoting positive news!


2 thoughts on “24 Small, Meaningful Acts Of Kindness

  1. All of these acts just made my day. Especially the one where Ashlea put that sign up about her mom. 🙂

    – Abrar A.

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