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Passport Project Challenge – Explore your own City!

If you are ready to explore your city then take the Passport Project Challenge! When you complete a challenge share your best story at #WVPRocks or respond in a comment to this post.  I’d love to hear the positive stories and insights that emerge.  There are 20 challenges in all each designed to help you discover, learn, connect and grow.

1. Make a journal to record each of the challenges you complete. Include a current photo, your place of birth, date of birth, address, and citizenship so it looks like a real passport!

2. Try using a new form of transportation.
Ideas: bicycle, roller blades, C-train, city bus, taxi, skate-boarding, horse-back riding, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, snow-shoeing, swimming, quad, sail boat, train, trolley, tram, airplane, helicopter, dog-sled, hot air balloon, sleigh, carriage, S.S. Moyie Paddlewheeler

3. Attend a Theater Production or Dance Show
Ideas:Check Fast Forward Events, High Performance Rodeo, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, University of Calgary Dance, Alberta Ballet, One Yellow Rabbit, Alberta Theater Project, Theater Calgary, Vertigo Theater, Pumphouse Theater, Milonga, Theater Junction, Swallow-A-Bicycle Theater, Enbridge PlayRites Festival, Epcor Centre for Performing Arts, Loose Moose Theater Company

4. Go and watch a sporting event – it can be at a local level (school, community, family league) or it can be at a professional or semi-professional level. It can be a competition, a game, whichever but it must be live not just something you watch on TV.
Ideas: School Team, Grizzlies Wheelchair Basketball, Calgary Rugby Union, U of C Dinos, SAIT Trojans, Mount Royal Cougars, Calgary Rough-Necks Lacrosse, Calgary Bobsledding, Calgary Hitmen, Calgary Vipers Baseball, Calgary Flames, Calgary Stampeders

5. Volunteer for at least one hour
Ideas: Volunteer Calgary (Propell:us), The Mustard Seed, Canada Bridges, Acumen Fund, CBC Do-Crew, Women in Need, SPCA, Calgary Folk Music Festival, CAWST

6. Meet someone from a different cultural heritage
Ideas: Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, Immigrant Services Calgary, Calgary Multicultural Center.  Want to find a list of all the cultural associations in Calgary? Go here.

7. Go to a Live Music Event
Ideas: Go to a band concert at the school, check Fast Forward for upcoming concerts, go to a concert at the library, Calgary Philharmonic (C-Possibilities), Calgary Opera, Calgary Youth Singers, Calgary Folk Festival, Sled Island Fest, Blues Fest, Reggae Fest, Jazz Fest, Jack Singer Concert Hall

8. Try a different kind of ethnic cuisine
Make it yourself and invite others over to sample it, go to a restaurant or get an invitation  to someone’s home to try it home-style.
Ideas: Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Middle-Eastern, French, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Thai, German, Ethiopian, Nepalese, Polish, Indonesian, Spanish

9. Go to a large urban, provincial or national park
Ideas: Fish creek, Nose Hill, Prince’s Island, Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Bowness Park, Sandy Beach, Rotary Park, Riley Park, Ralph Klein Park, Kananaskis, Banff, Canmore, Bragg Creek, Waterton

10. Join a Group
Ideas: team, club, volunteer group, religious group, choir, band, volunteer organization, community association, parent council, association, Calgary Outdoor Club, Calgary Sport & Social Club

11. Visit a different neighborhood and find at least one cool thing
Ideas: check out community newsletters for upcoming events, stroll down Kensington, Inglewood, Bridgeland, Marda Loop

12. Visit a historical site or a unique building in Calgary
Ideas: Doors-Open Calgary, Calgary Heritage Initiative Society, Century Homes,  Mayor’s Urban Design Awards, Lougheed House

13. Go to a cultural event
Ideas: Calgary Turkish Festival, Calgary Arab Film Fest, Marda Loop Film Fest, Visaki Mela, The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, Honen’s International Piano Competition, Lilac Festival, Calgary International Children’s Festival, Calgary Jazz Festival, Calgary Improv Festival, WordFest Writer’s Festival, High Performance Rodeo, Exposure Photography Festival, Alberta Theatre Projects’ Enbridge playRites Festival of New Canadian Plays, the Midwinter Blues Festival, Kiwanis Music Festival, Calgary International Spoken Word Festival, Zoolights, Calgary International Film Festival

14. Go to another religious building or speak with someone from another religion. 
Ideas: Intercultural Dialogue Institute, Unitarian Church, Buddhist Temple, Hindu Temple, Gurdwara, Mosque, Synagogue, Church

15. Go to a political office/center or meet a politician
Ideas: Councillor, Mayor, MLA, MP, City Hall, Legislative Assembly, Parliament

16. Meet/contact an expert in an area you are interested in
Ideas: Living Library, Career Fair, Artist Talk, Lecture

17. Go to a point of interest in Calgary
Ideas: Devonian Gardens, Olympic Plaza, City Hall, Glenbow Museum, Calgary Tower, Fort Calgary, Science Center, Zoo, Heritage Park, Calaway Park, Military Musuem, Other Calgary Attractions

18. Go to an Art Gallery or Art Show
Ideas: Gorilla House Live Art, ACAD, Glenbow Museum, Art Gallery of Calgary, DaDe, Axis Contemporary Art, Endeavour Arts Gallery, Arts Central, Stride Gallery, Nuit Blanche

19. Life Long Learning
Ideas: Attend an event with a speaker, Poetry Reading, Doc Film Fest, Pecha Kucha, TED-X event, debate, book reading, a talk at the library, speaker series, panel discussion.

20. Read a book about Calgary or by a Calgary Author
Ideas: Chris Turner, Marcello di Cintio, Will Ferguson, Sheri D Wilson, Richard Harrison, Kristi McLellan Day, Kirk Ramdath

2 thoughts on “Passport Project Challenge – Explore your own City!

  1. Challenge:Lifelong Learning
    *Attended my first TedXyyc event (June,13,2014) Jubilee
    *Nathan Phelps-son of Westboro Baptist Minister Jeff Phelps, spoke about FAITH (not based on rational logical thought of evidence, not a proper foundation for individual or societal action), HOPE (not a rational basis for action/behaviour, does not connect with doing), LOVE (the ONLY choice for our individual and societal action-filter) and as a filter for ‘moral life’ and behaviour.

    Why is this learning important:
    These type of conversations are an important piece of my life long learning arck. Phelps in particular, connected made a connection for me at both a rational and emotional level. His simple but profound message was to filter our connections with people through love. This message is also very connected with Gilmore Junio’s message of interacting with our fellow human being with generosity and to strive to make generous decisions and to pay forward the generosity that we receive from others.

    I am inspired!

    • Hi Norm,

      So excited to see your post! I think it’s pretty inspiring that you and your family are taking the Passport Challenge! Can’t wait to see your next post! I agree with you especially about Gilmore’s message! I’ve really loved being able to work with TEDxYYC as a speaker coach as it gives me the chance to work with amazing people like Gilmore!


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