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Behind the Scenes at TEDxYYC

 I had the amazing opportunity to go behind the scenes at TEDxYYC and get the reactions of speakers right after they shared their idea worth sharing.  It was amazing to hear their passion and get to know them each better as people. Check out this first interview with Dallas Arcand, 3 time World Champion Hoop Dancer.  I personally worked with Dallas as his speaker coach too and had the great pleasure to get to know him well.

 After speaking to many TEDxYYC attendees they said they were most surprised by Green Party Leader, Elizabeth May.  Many had expected that she would speak only about the environment.  When she focused her talk around the need for democracy many were inspired to look at politics in a new way. 

  I also had the privilege to work along side Gilmore Junio as his speaker coach.  When I first heard his story of giving up his spot in the Olympics to his teammate I was sceptical and thought perhaps he had just been pressured.  Meeting him and getting to know him I realized that Gilmore is the real deal – he has lived a life of generosity.  He passionately believes that generosity and excellence don’t have to be opposites.  The nice guy doesn’t have to finish last, he can finish first.  Researching this topic with Gilmore opened up my perspective to see how powerful generosity can be especially in our professional lives!

It was great to catch up with Boreal Sons. This band has been a huge supporter of Worldviews Project from the very beginning! In our very first fundraiser they generously donated their time and talents to play for us and we have been following their journey ever since.  It was such a pleasure to see them up on the TEDxYYC stage sharing their beautiful music with Calgary!


I was excited to be able to finally meet Bart Houlahan one of the co-founders of B-Corp.  As a huge supporter of social enterprise I was looking forward to asking Bart more about how to use business as a source for social good.  His idea and practical tools were very helpful.




Lindsey Kindrat was a new face to me.  This is perhaps what I love most about TEDxYYC – often you don’t recognize all the names on the list but you know you are about to be introduced to someone awesome! Lindsey fit the bill entirely.  She spoke eloquently about our need to re-examine how we can engage and interact more with nature by designing it into the buildings in which we live, work and play.


When I told Father George Coyne that I was going to need to stand close to him so that we would both fit on camera, he turned to me with a twinkle in his eye and said “Well then, shall we dance?” I laughed so hard talking with him and yet through all the humour he also skillfully wove such thoughtful and wise insights.  Alberta Einstein once said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Father George is one of the rare people who understands a topic so well that he can explain it simply and bring all those curious to expand their worldview along for the ride!

I love being able to interview musicians and instrumentalists since they are able to tell stories without using words at all. Hearing the ideas behind their performance was so interesting and made me think about their piece in a whole new way.



Terry Singh’s talk on how we can get unstuck was interesting.  He challenges us all to spend a little longer paying attention to how we’re feeling in all of our senses (see, hear, touch, taste, smell).  It made me realize that when I feel stuck I often pay most attention to some of my senses but not to all of them.  For example when I’m stressed I pay attention to my feelings of hunger and tiredness but forget sometimes about sense of touch.  His talk reminded me that receiving a hug in a stressful moment can help me.

 You can see my interview with Nate Phelps and his ideas around the importance of standing up to “blind faith” and choosing to think critically and challenge ideas.






Finally, Don Hill’s passion for various sounds and background in broadcasting allowed him to team up with a Neuroscience Research Group to study how sound can act as a memory system.

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