Kate McKenzie

An Antidote for Black Friday Mania

The green coat in the window was stunning.  I knew it would look great on me, so I walked into the store filled with beautiful things to try it on.  On Black Friday, I find myself pulled into stores, onto websites or consumed with the thought that I need more.  It seems every news station, every advertisement is building a case against me to convince me I will be less valuable if I don’t purchase something. 

So how do I resist the pull? How do I battle the feelings of guilt in purchasing another item I don’t really need? How do I overcome the mental struggle playing out in my mind as I resist the little voice saying that one more acquisition may make me feel better? I think about my backpack.

Whether you’re a traveler or not, picture the item you want and ask yourself, would I want to put this item in my backpack and carry it on my back for 6 months? That is my reality currently.  When everything has to fit in your backpack it needs to be versatile, classic style, less prone to wrinkling and be able to pack small.  Added to that, the best advice I ever received for packing was to pick one colour palette and stick to it. One woman I met on my travels told me she sticks with the mantra that if anything comes into her house something else has to go out. I was also reminded of one of my friends who told me she always asks herself, “do I feel fabulous in this?”  She explained that if she didn’t feel fabulous when it was shiny and new she certainly wasn’t going to feel that way when she was wearing it for the hundredth time, or in my case as I travel, wearing it every week for 6 months.

So did I love the green coat enough to overlook that it didn’t match my colour palette and knowing that to make room for it I would have to choose other items to get rid of in order to make room?  I looked at the green coat and I knew it didn’t pass the backpack test.  So as we face Black Friday I wish you well in asking yourself, “do I want to carry it in my backpack?”

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