Kate McKenzie


Interested in getting involved?  Please see the links below to see organizations who are related to recent positive news stories.

Hidden Story Productions- Artists making a difference
Calgary Zoo Cell Phone Donation
3 Things for Calgary – Community Involvement
Women in Need - Clothing Donation
Sam Effah – Right to Play Advocate & Athlete

Cafe Converso
Fundacion Vichituni – Community Agricultural Development
Tinto Tintero –  Arts & Culture Cafe
Alejandro Bonila Ospina – Raptors Hockey

CAWST – Centre for Affordable Water Sanitation Treatment
Beads for Life - Artisan Social Entrepreneurism
KiBO – Social Enterprise Business School
Tex & Val Tychon – Biosand Water Filters
Ugandan Partnership – Empowering Widows

Strongest Oak Foundation – Community Development
Gorilla Conservation
UNDP Kigeme Refugee Camp

Luke Poulson – DJ
Blue Dragon Foundation- Assisting Street Kids
Friendship Village – Centre for those affected by Agent Orange
LaVieVuLinh – Eco Lodge & Multicultural Centre
Hoa’s Place – Motel & Community Gathering Space

Nek Chand – Environmental Art Garden
Salaam Baalak – Stories from former street children
Nipun Cheema – Musican & World-music collaborator
Avahan – HIV Awareness through Drama

Rotary Club of Pakistan – Polio Awareness
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre
Green Drinks – Youth Environmental & Sustainability Initiative

National Woman’s Rugby Team

Arlette by the Wall – Retail Business Owner
Wall Steak House – Restaurant
Eitan Chitayat – Creative Designer
The Green Building – Environmental Architecture Excellence

Pari Centre for New Learning
David Peat
Rome Couchsurfing Meetups 

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