CBC Homestretch Interview

I had a great time yesterday down at the Homestretch with Doug Dirks, Jenny Howe and Danielle Nerman.  After spending most of my childhood waking up to hearing the CBC playing in the background (that is whenever my Dad had control over the radio dial!) it was awesome to be a part of creating positive news.  Listen to the interview by clicking on the picture.



The Worldviews Project!

Junior High school teacher, Kate McKenzie’s students told her they felt hopeless because there were insurmountable problems and bad news everywhere they looked. Kate set out to inspire her students by demonstrating how one small action can make the world a little bit better. She took her lesson on the road to inspire many more people to make a difference and generate positive news. Be part of the adventure! Follow along as she shares about her travels to nine countries over seven months, seeking out community leaders who are innovating creative solutions that bring people together and create positive change.

Inspirational Monday: Using surfing to end religious conflict!

It’s amazing how sport can be used to allow people to begin to bring an end to conflict and work towards creating community! Are you interested in finding more ways to end religious conflict in your own community?  Check out solutions from Charter for Compassion or Unitarians Calgary.