Rocking Iran Style – Perspectives on Hijab

      Check out what me and Lucas wore in Iran!  Took me a while to adjust to figuring out how I was going to make my own style.  I was completely amazed by the women of Iran and their ability to wear a headscarf in so many different ways.

I’d ask other women how they kept theirs in place and try and copy their skills!  And we also had to ask how it was possible that some women wore their hair in what looked like a return to Prascilla Elvis’ beehive hair-do.  We’d try to get glimpses as they passed but finally had to ask a friend.  She quickly showed us it was all made possible by a giant “loofa-like” hair clip worn at the crown of the head so that they could wear their scarf just a wee bit further back.  It took the big hair look to a whole new level.

People have asked me if it was strange to wear a head scarf.  Yes in some ways but no in others.  I didn’t view it as a big deal since for me it was just about showing respect for their culture.  But it was also amazing to arrive in Israel and be able to feel the breeze against my skin after being covered up for so long!  Perhaps my favourite perspective on hijab though came from one of my former students who told me “I like wearing a head-scarf because when I’m wearing it I know that I’m not being judged on how I look but rather on what I say and my actions.”  Pretty amazing perspective!