Inspiring Quotes

While listening to hundreds of hours of interviews as I edit them for our upcoming episodes I was inspired today by musician Trina Nestibo and humanitarian Craig Kielberger.  Check out their quotes:

“You know in the media today we hear and we see news as most often in my opinion being terrible, negative, crime and you know dissonance and that’s got to be discouraging for our young people.  They’re our future and we need to fill them up with hope and so in gathering good news and sharing it with them it’s going to fill their hearts and hopefully it will inspire them to follow their passions as well. ” ~Trina Nestibo (Children’s Musician)
“You know, Desmond Tutu, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, I once said to him that I stopped reading the newspaper because it reminded me too much of the negative, the war, violence, poverty in the world. And he said to me that the newspaper is not a collection of the negative is it actually the collection of God’s ‘to do’ list delivered to your front door everyday, that these are all stories that need to be changed, things that we need to rewrite. And so I think the negative news is an opportunity and the positive news is a dose of hope that reminds us not to be overwhelmed by the challenges, so I think we need a little bit of both. We need to be reminded sometimes that our world has shortcomings and we need to be reminded of the great stories of inspiration to make sure we can overcome those challenges.”
~Craig Kielberger (Humanitaria Free the Children) 

Good News From Saskatchewan!

After many hours of editing we are so pleased to share with you the first episode in our 13 part series on Canada.  We have been travelling across Canada over the last five months with the dream of combatting negative news by sharing more positive news.  Completing this first episode feels amazing! We can’t wait to share it with you and would love it if you shared it with everyone you know.  Continue reading

Good News You May Have Missed in 2014

Good NewsAs we reflect back on 2014, it’s important to realize that amidst many of the sad and negative news stories we were bombarded with there are also many hopeful and inspiring stories. These stories often do not get their share of the spotlight since we are all too eager to turn to more sensational tales.  As we return to work and school after the holidays, we have the opportunity in conversations with our colleagues, friends and family to shed a light on the good that happened in the past year.  I like to think of it as a challenge when people bring up the negative stories to try and counter with an amazing positive story.  In the spirit of that challenge here are five of the most talked about news stories of 2014 and an inspiring positive news alternative. Continue reading

Inspiring Stories of Breaking Down Cross-Cultural Barriers

Every once in a while it’s nice to be able to sit back and relax and watch a few positive stories.  Below are a few we’ve come across over the last couple of years that made us smile. It’s inspiring to know that despite our cultural differences it is possible to find commonalities. Continue reading

How to be more thankful


Sometimes it is very easy to complain about all the negative things happening all around us.  We start to be bogged down by little things that annoy us until we burst.  Enter the “Thankfullness Jar.”

A friend of mine, Cathy Yost, shared her wisdom with me several years ago when she told me that every year she picks a word to focus on for the year.  I chose “thankfulness” for this year.  I have been learning that when we choose to state and share what we are thankful for we actually increase our feelings of positivity overall. For example, one study showed that expressing gratitude for someone or for something you have could increase you happiness by 25%. So how do you make expressing gratitude a habit? Continue reading

An Antidote for Black Friday Mania

The green coat in the window was stunning.  I knew it would look great on me, so I walked into the store filled with beautiful things to try it on.  On Black Friday, I find myself pulled into stores, onto websites or consumed with the thought that I need more.  It seems every news station, every advertisement is building a case against me to convince me I will be less valuable if I don’t purchase something.  Continue reading

Calgary Mental Health Association Article on Worldviews Project

So honoured to be featured in the latest edition of Balance Magazine by the Calgary Mental Health Association. Continue reading

Worldviews Project Hits the Road

?list=PL75044731AB3322D4 Check out our first steps on our cross-Canada journey.  We started in Calgary and have arrived in Saskatoon Saskatchewan! So excited to find stories of hope!

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Worldviews Project – Our Story

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How to Build a Habit of Being Positive

It is often difficult to start anything.  Much research has pointed to the idea  that if you can continue an activity for 21 days that it will begin to form into a habit.  With that in mind we’ve created a tool to help you do just that.  50 Happy Thoughts and great questions to think about to start your day off right! Check out our board on Pinterest to get started today!