An Antidote for Black Friday Mania

The green coat in the window was stunning.  I knew it would look great on me, so I walked into the store filled with beautiful things to try it on.  On Black Friday, I find myself pulled into stores, onto websites or consumed with the thought that I need more.  It seems every news station, every advertisement is building a case against me to convince me I will be less valuable if I don’t purchase something.  Continue reading

Excess Baggage

I was in a mad panic the day I left.  All of a sudden, I realized I was leaving and there was no more time left.  No more time to prepare, no more time to plan, only time to just make it happen.  I threw stuff in my backpack, desperately trying to make a mental note that all the things I had thought of including over the last couple of months had made it into my bag.  The floor was littered with items -absolute chaos! Continue reading