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Worldviews Project videos inspire others towards positive action in their communities. We hope that by watching these videos others will find ways that they too can get involved in their communities by through creative and innovative solutions! We can inspire hope through action! We believe that by creating a hub of positive stories we can help be a preventative tool for mental health and help combat mental health issues.

Help Us Share A Story of Courage

I’m so excited to share the first glimpse of our film The Secret Marathon.  If you believe in supporting a vision of equality and freedom for all we would love your help in making this film possible. We are currently looking for partners and donors to help us take this film across the finish line. To learn more please visit www.thesecretmarathon.com 

Secret Marathon


Check out the full article at http://bit.ly/2fOKZAs

I can finally share a secret with you. For the last four months I have been training for a marathon, not just any marathon though – the Marathon of Afghanistan. (see article here) I couldn’t have done it without the amazing coaching of Martin Parnell

I chose to run and to film this marathon because I wanted to support the courageous young Afghan women who are putting their lives on the line to be a voice for equality in their country. They are making history. This is one of the most important stories I have ever told and I need a community to help me get this film across the finish line. We would love to have you be part of our community. Check out this short film:

Here’s how you can help:
  1. Share this post with others
  2. Donate to the film being produced by visiting www.thesecretmarathon.com
  3. Connect us to corporate partners who believe in this project.

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Fort McMurray crisis brings out best in Albertans

fort-mcmurray-evacuee-open-source-help-page-2As the fires rage on in Fort McMurray, Albertans and Alberta companies are showing just their determination, resilience and compassion.

From neighbours who drove others to safety, to those who have opened their homes, the outpouring of generosity is everywhere.

We wanted to share some of the positive stories we’ve heard so far and we would love to hear more from you. If you would like to share a story please leave us a message in the comments below. Here’s a few examples. Continue reading

Introducing our new partner

As a Junior High teacher, I wanted my students to be informed and engaged citizens. Listening to the news often left them feeling overwhelmed, depressed and stuck with no idea as to how they could make a difference. Determined to motivate my students to get involved in creating positive change and to show them a different perspective on the world; I packed my bags and went travelling. Continue reading

Art & Book Sale

Looking for a great present?Art Sale Want to explore and experience more adventures in life?

I’m selling art and my book “Passport Project” at the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival next week Nov.20-22.  All proceeds will go towards Worldviews Project to create positive and inspiring news that will help combat mental health issues.Please help me by sharing this event with your friends and family!

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Start A Positive News Revolution

I have a whole new respect for Rick Mercer.  Being an Alberta girl I have always wanted to see the Toronto alley where Rick Mercer films his infamous rants. So when the opportunity to film my own “positive news” rant presented itself I jumped on it.  In my enthusiasm I missed a key detail…the clouds forming overhead. Continue reading

Good News From Saskatchewan!

After many hours of editing we are so pleased to share with you the first episode in our 13 part series on Canada.  We have been travelling across Canada over the last five months with the dream of combatting negative news by sharing more positive news.  Completing this first episode feels amazing! We can’t wait to share it with you and would love it if you shared it with everyone you know.  Continue reading

Inspiring Stories of Breaking Down Cross-Cultural Barriers

Every once in a while it’s nice to be able to sit back and relax and watch a few positive stories.  Below are a few we’ve come across over the last couple of years that made us smile. It’s inspiring to know that despite our cultural differences it is possible to find commonalities. Continue reading

Behind the Scenes at TEDxYYC

 I had the amazing opportunity to go behind the scenes at TEDxYYC and get the reactions of speakers right after they shared their idea worth sharing.  It was amazing to hear their passion and get to know them each better as people. Check out this first interview with Dallas Arcand, 3 time World Champion Hoop Dancer.  I personally worked with Dallas as his speaker coach too and had the great pleasure to get to know him well.

 After speaking to many TEDxYYC attendees they said they were most surprised by Green Party Leader, Elizabeth May.  Many had expected that she would speak only about the environment.  When she focused her talk around the need for democracy many were inspired to look at politics in a new way.  Continue reading

TED Talk: Power of Positive News

In an age of negative news and increasing mental illness is it possible to pursue a positive alternative?  Kate McKenzie believes that peace both individually and internationally can only be brought about through sharing positive stories. So she founded Worldviews Project to inspire others to believe that positive change is possible by making short documentaries of people from nine countries over seven months. Continue reading