Kate McKenzie

Fort McMurray crisis brings out best in Albertans

fort-mcmurray-evacuee-open-source-help-page-2As the fires rage on in Fort McMurray, Albertans and Alberta companies are showing just their determination, resilience and compassion.

From neighbours who drove others to safety, to those who have opened their homes, the outpouring of generosity is everywhere.

We wanted to share some of the positive stories we’ve heard so far and we would love to hear more from you. If you would like to share a story please leave us a message in the comments below. Here’s a few examples.


If you would like to help check out the following options. These practical suggestions were made possible through MacLean’s Magazine.

  1. If you want to donate to the Red Cross, you can give any amount through this link: Alberta Fires Appeal.Alternately, you can donate $5 by texting REDCROSS to 30333. Be careful: There are some scammers posing as the Red Cross asking for money on social media.
  2. If you need a place to stay, or are looking to take in some evacuees, check out these Facebook groups: Fort McMurray Evacuee Open Source Help PageFort Mcmurray evac relocation help group.
  3. If you want to donate items such as blankets or clothes, check out this Facebook group: Fort Mac Fire Donations. Make sure you’re only giving things people actually need. People often donate things after a disaster that aren’t needed, and sometimes actually get in the way of vital supplies.
  4. If you want to volunteer, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is inviting people to sign up here.




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