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Two Local Calgarians Take Author’s Challenge on First International Trip

 IMG_8453 (1)Brian Cleland & Jacob Van Dyke are about to head off on an adventure of a lifetime.  The two young Calgarians decided that for their first international trip they wanted to give themselves a challenge. After meeting local author, Kate McKenzie they decided to take her book, “Passport Project,” and use it to turn their trip to Iceland into an adventure.

 “Passport Project is designed to help people explore their own community or another community by completing 20 challenges. Challenges include trying a different type of ethnic cuisine, visiting an art gallery and meeting someone from a different culture,” states McKenzie.  The book was inspired by McKenzie’s own travels around the world and across Canada as a filmmaker documenting positive news for Worldviews Project.  “By taking these challenges, people can explore and be adventurers in their own backyard.”

So what does McKenzie think about Brian and Jacob’s trip. “I’m so excited that Brian & Jacob are taking the challenge and I can’t wait to hear the stories they will share when they get home.”

Brian & Jacob - Backpacks Brian and Jacob hope to complete all 20 challenge within the two weeks they have to travel around Iceland. They have already brainstormed how they will complete some of them including hoping to eat volcano bread, visit a church dedicated to a Norse god, meeting a politician from the Pirate party and being part of the Reykjavik Arts Festival. The two will be filming their journey and look forward to sharing their experience on their return home.

“The passport challenge is a great way to become more immersed in a different culture, and it gave us a lot more incentive to look for local events and meet people that we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise,” states Cleland.

 FScreen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.48.07 AMeeling inspired to dust off your travelling shoes? McKenzie’s “Passport Project” is available for purchase at Shelf Life Books or by emailing worldviewsproject2012@gmail.com for those who would like to take the 20 challenges for themselves. “Following your curiosity and being adventurous is the best way to expand your worldview and reconnect with your love for life,” says McKenzie.

 To follow the journey stay tuned to Worldviews Project by visiting www.worldviewsproject.com or following it through Worldview’s Projects social media channels.

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