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Secret Marathon


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I can finally share a secret with you. For the last four months I have been training for a marathon, not just any marathon though – the Marathon of Afghanistan. (see article here) I couldn’t have done it without the amazing coaching of Martin Parnell

I chose to run and to film this marathon because I wanted to support the courageous young Afghan women who are putting their lives on the line to be a voice for equality in their country. They are making history. This is one of the most important stories I have ever told and I need a community to help me get this film across the finish line. We would love to have you be part of our community. Check out this short film:

Here’s how you can help:
  1. Share this post with others
  2. Donate to the film being produced by visiting www.thesecretmarathon.com
  3. Connect us to corporate partners who believe in this project.

Thank you to those who are already part of this community of Raha Runners. “Raha” in Dari the language spoken in Afghanistan means “freedom.”  Each of the people who has helped us get closer to the finish line with this film has become a Freedom Runner.

The Raha Runners

Martin Parnell, Scott Townend, Leor Rotchild, Colin Scheyen, Liam Kearney, Viiz, Garmin, Tool Shed Brewing Company, Impact Magazine, Allison Swelin, Free to Run, Stephanie Case, Taylor Schiavitti, Tanja Walsh, Calgary Muslim Marathoners, Nada Merhi, Laura McKenzie, Collette Lemieux, Ryan Turner, Andy Cassidy, Bre Fitzpatrick, Doug Haldorson, Gerardo Marques, Matt Cassidy, Breanna Gillett, Prageet Nibber, Amanda & Graham Langebroek, Brandon & La Klayman, James & Roxanne Dale, Charles Newton Price, Andrew Kooman, Matthew Kooman, Daniel Kooman, Alda Garunia, Lisbeth Maidment, Joyce Sunada, Ken Lima-Coelho, Andrea Wall, Tony Esteves, Trina Metz, Lucie Salucop-Etienne, Ryerson MDM Cohort, Untamed Borders, James Wilcox, James Bingham, Gull Hussian Baizada, Shekeb Noori, Najibullah Ayoubi, David McKenzie, Andrew McKenzie, Brenda McKenzie, Bob McKenzie, Rick Rotchild, Nehama Horvitz, Diane McVicar, Mary Ann Rotchild, Noah Rotchild, Kam Parel-Nuttall, Sarah Skett, Richelle Matthews

We’re excited to add more people to our community of supporters now that we can share this story publicly!

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