Kate McKenzie

Inspirational Art: 100 year old window?

Unconventional CanvasesI decided to try using some unconventional canvases.  It started when one of my neighbours was hauling out window panes to her truck to get rid of them.  I looked at them and saw an awesome opportunity – art canvases!

My neighbour told me that the windows had come from her home and were 100 years old.  What an amazing chance! I would get to create art on something that was older than me! It’s inspiring to start looking at objects as having potential for art.  It changes your perspective to look for beauty and art in everyday objects and find ways to bring out the themes of Worldviews Project in each of them.    Now I’m working with wood, bamboo, slate and even an old wash board! Has anyone else found unconventional canvases?  I’d love to see what you’ve come up with!

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