Kate McKenzie

First Interview!

 Today I interviewed my first person! As I was driving up to the location I was mentally going over all of the tips that Chris and others had given me about interviewing.  Bring the questions with you, ask them to summarize their responses, always take more “B-roll” then you think you’ll need, don’t use too much head room…..

All of these thoughts were whirling around in my mind until I walked in the door to Women in Need, the organization I would be featuring in an upcoming Inspirational Monday.  As soon as I sat down with Executive Director, Cathy Coutts, my focus shifted.  I realized that I had the best job in the world! All I needed was a camera and people were willing to share their stories with me.  All I had to do was press record! Maybe it sounds simple, but I was blown away! Film is amazing, it’s amazing that not only would I get to hear their stories but I would be able to share these great ideas with others around the world! I couldn’t contain my excitement, I started calling up everyone I knew and telling them how cool it was. I hope that as I enter the more difficult parts of planning this trip and making the reality of it happen that I’ll remember this moment, the moment that determined for me that telling these stories is important and it’s amazing that I get to have the privilege to be the person who makes it happen!

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