Kate McKenzie

Exciting News! Youth Worldviews Project Partnership

 I am so excited to announce a new partnership with the Calgary Public Library and Youth Central to offer Youth Worldviews Project! Through a series for four sessions we will be mentoring and equipping Calgary youth to get involved in their communities and develop leadership skills!  

What makes this experience unique is that youth will have a chance to network with other youth leaders from all over the city.  They will also have an opportunity to connect with international projects as I will be joining them to facilitate the sessions over Skype.  Collaborating with the Calgary Public Library and Youth Central will allow these motivated youth to find the resources and connections that will help them take their projects forward.

We want to be a hub for creative ideas, inspiration and positive change.  By providing mentorship and real world skills such as marketing, volunteer recruitment, grant writing, and event planning these young leaders will be equipped to make the changes they envision towards making their communities better places!

I’m hoping that we will be able to have youth from all over the city, different ages, genders and cultural backgrounds so that we can approach our challenges from many different angles to find unique solutions!

All sessions will be held at the Central Calgary Public Library which is accessible by c-train.  The dates for Youth Worldviews Project sessions are Feb. 18 12:00-1:30 pm, Apr. 28 12:1:30pm, May 26 11:30-1:00pm, Sept. 15 12:00-1:30pm.  Stay tuned for more information!

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