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Inspirational Monday: Finding Hope

I was almost finished my Inspirational Monday.  It was looking great, I was so proud that I was going to get it done by noon and have it ready for my students to see.  But….water is never good around technology.  A loud noise startled me, I hit my water bottle, it spilled splashing all over Leor’s computer! Now the computer looks like this with my Inspirational Monday film for this week trapped inside of it. 

I phoned my brother in a panic and asked him what to do then phoned Leor and told him the bad news.  Both of them echoed each other, breathe, it’s not so bad, you can do this.  Here’s the inspiration for today – surround yourself with amazing people.  Without people like David and Leor I couldn’t do this project, it would be too hard.  They reminded me that I didn’t have to be perfect, I just had to keep going and that if this was going to be easy I wouldn’t have set myself up for the challenge.

This will be the greatest challenge of Worldviews Project, can I remain hopeful and optimistic in the face of challenges?  Can I remember that life is worth living, that beautiful things are happening and that there is a need for positive stories when I face challenges? Often it’s not the big life changing things that are as difficult, I know how to handle those moments – it’s these small day to day catastrophes that show our character.

Right now it seems hard, I think of the “what if” scenario, what if the computer doesn’t work anymore, what if I don’t have enough money to replace it, what if Leor loses all his files – it seems overwhelming.  My challenge, and all of our challenge is to stay in the moment, keep breathing and move forward – Just do something.  So I decided rather than punishing myself and feeling guilty that I wasn’t perfect and didn’t get the film done on time this week that I would share something else positive with you all – a film one of my students stumbled across this week.  This film reminds me that if this guy can do it, if he can do something then I can keep plugging along and find a way to move forward.

6 thoughts on “Inspirational Monday: Finding Hope

  1. Hi Miss McKenzie, we miss you and loved the video you put up and would have loved the one you made as well. Sorry about your laptop. Always remember we are cheering you on from Room 5! We would love to video chat with you during Character TIme at some point.
    Keep believing and inspiring others.


    • Thanks 8A! You guys rock. Thank you for sending me your encouragement. Glad you liked the video! Which ones have you liked the best so far? Which ones sparked the best discussions? I’d love to know what your reactions are or questions you have after seeing them!

      • Thanks for replying! We had a lot of discussion after the “No arms, no legs, no worries!” video because we found it very inspiring. We have also discussed what was shared at the Youth Worldviews Project this Saturday and more students hope to attend next time.
        All the best!

        • Glad you like that one. I thought it was pretty incredible. Actually you guys might be interested in the conversation I’ve been having with Sarah Pointer on Facebook about Happiness and what defines it. She posted a really cool article and then we’ve both been commenting on it afterwards. Check it out.

  2. Very nice video it was very inspiring and i wish you good luck on your trip!
    Because i am looking forward to grade 8 next year!
    aja 7b

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