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Inspirational “Tuesday” – First Steps

 Hi Everyone!  I had difficulties finding a fast enough wifi connection to upload my film yesterday but here it is today!  As I set out to talk to others about how they started their own inspirational initiatives I wanted to document my first steps too.  Unlike many other travellers I am not escaping from something bad which makes this journey different than others I’ve had in the past where I was eager for warmer climates, different experiences, or a change of pace.  This time around I can honestly say my life is amazing and leaving behind that life, especially Leor and my friends and family has been hard.  The moment of hope for me was a conversation with two amazing cafe owners, Andreas & Diana! Their generosity in taking the time to help me brush up on my Spanish and tell me about their country amazed me!  What a simple way to make a difference -welcome a stranger into your space!  Any of us could do that!

6 thoughts on “Inspirational “Tuesday” – First Steps

  1. 1st steps have been taken on the most exiting of Adventures! Wishing you a safe journey and good fortune finding the path that will inspire so many 🙂

    • Thanks Peter! What a great reminder! I think of all the people I admire and I have to keep reminding myself that they started somewhere.

    • Thank you Deb! Some days I feel more courageous than others! Lol! I think the key is to just be real, no need to pretend I’m not nervous or scared because vulnerability is the way we connect with each other. We can relate when we see that others have fears too.

  2. Kate, we are proud of you! You are so on the right path to share an amazing documentary as you travel and when you come home. Great video and very well put together. Looking forward to the next one. And no, you are not alone…just away. Safe travels.

    • Thanks Peter! It’s been nice to settle in to the swing of things here. Ironically it’s actually a slower pace now that I’ve started!

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