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Responding to Kony 2012

As many of you know a film has been widely circulating on Youtube and through social media called Kony 2012 while I have been here in Uganda.  I wanted to respond to the film and to provide some tools and resources to others who would like to understand the multiple perspectives involved in such a complex issue.  These two films will hopefully help to shed some light on what my experience has been here in Uganda and what Ugandans think about the film.  Please don’t just take my word for it, I have included below some other links you should check out, including the link to the original movie that spurred all of this discussion.  Looking forward to hearing back from all of you!






4 thoughts on “Responding to Kony 2012

  1. Kate, so glad to see your positive spirit continues with you throughout your travels. The message you present in your youtube link – prompting all to think, build proactive processes, and to motivate all to construct, maintain and think as commUNITY – is an incredibly solid insight, and one that we all must adopt in making the positive changes in the world that we desire.

    Thank you for “getting it” – and our continued best wishes on this valuable journey. Stay well!

    • Thanks Larry! Seriously back-logged on editing and posting due to the slow internet speed here. Still working on putting your story together. Can’t wait to show others what you and your family are doing in Colombia!

  2. its interesting how the people there are just wanting to rebuild there homes insted of finding and catching kony well good luck and keep going

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