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Shifting Perspectives

  One of my good friends, Cathy Yost, has been an amazing support to me through this project by helping me to work through  things I have struggled with along the way.  I knew I needed to have a Skype date with her after the cockroach incident in Rwanda.

I heard it scuttling and immediately freaked out jumping on top of my bed, barricading myself inside my bug net while swinging my only weapon, a welcome mat!  I knew in that moment that my reaction was ridiculous but how could I get over my fear of spiders, cockroaches and all creepy crawlies?

Cathy helped me to realize that it wasn’t about the bugs it was about looking for what I wanted to see.  That if I chose to look for the good I wouldn’t see as much of the bad.  So that has been my challenge over the last coupe of months – to not look for the creepy crawlies, to keep going one step at a time forward in this journey of becoming more courageous in small ways.

One thought on “Shifting Perspectives

  1. Kate, every post you make is more inspiring than the last! Even after what I had thought were numerous experiences that had given me a broader perspective on many of life’s intricacies, you continue to provide an even deeper and more thought provoking insight to those situations that make us wonder about our position in the world.
    You truly are making a difference, one step (country, culture, experience) at a time. I know there’s a book or documentary waiting in the shadows, but in the meantime, we await your (hopeful) return to Bogota to hear your stories in person.

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