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Worldviews Project is excited to offer a variety of ways to partner with us. We provide opportunities to become a title sponsor, corporate or community sponsor.  We are also providing a unique way to get involved this year through our Angel Investors program.  Investors will receive special behind the scenes footage and exclusive experiences with Kate & Leor. Our audience is open to change and innovation, travel and adventure, community and personal development and is diverse in culture, industry and age. For more information about how you could sponsor Worldviews Project or become an Angel Investor please email  worldviewsproject2012@gmail.com to receive our Sponsorship Package.

Worldviews Project 2014 Partners:

Calgary YMCA

Graham Langbroek – Website Designer & Developer

Thank you to our 2012 Partners including:

2 thoughts on “Partners

  1. Hi Kate
    What a wonderful idea you have…and
    we have someone very special…amazing in common! Cathy Yost a very long time friend and confidant who has also guided me along my merry way and sometimes not so merry……2 1/2 years ago after becoming very tired of the stereotypical lifestyles we are all patterned to live I decided to pursue my longtime dream/vision…I sold everything in Calgary/cochrane left family and friends and solo moved to an island in the Caribbean Honduras to create/open a restaurant
    I needed to see what I was capable of and what makes me tick, who is Daph…and then I found myself in a whole new world, caring, sharing, swearing (lol) and challenges of building something in a third world country as a single woman!
    But It is not my story I wish to share…it is about women here who have touched my life..women on the island making miracles happen…one named Valerie Nelson who takes care of babies with AIDS and collects powder formula to feed them so they don’t contract the illness from their mothers milk…and 23 year old Britteny islander woman a talented self taught painter artist who I love and charish her spirit and supporting whenever I can in her talents …and Delmy who started out as my dishwasher 2 years ago…who was so shy she hardly spoke… let alone english and is now she is my lead cook and smiles and jokes and now has a very confident air in her presence. Together we somehow understand each other in our attempts at spanglish….she has become an amazing cook…. this has been quite the adventure but surely has allowed me to see some amazing stuff.. in the world and in me…:)
    I wish you the best on your journey around the world and hope to meet you one day soon
    Daphne xo

    • Thank you so much for your note! Those women sound amazing! Perhaps I’ll have the chance to visit some day and try some of this amazing food for myself! It is amazing that when we take these kind of risks and believe that we can do something crazy that life brings us so many blessings! I wish you all the best in Honduras!

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