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Youth Engagement

Are you a teacher or a youth group leader?  Want to be a part of Worldviews Project’s Canadian Tour?  Learn how you can get your class or group involved as one of our official partner schools as we tour across the country! 

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Kate is committed to providing opportunities for youth engagement.  She values providing hands on learning that equips youth to connect with community leaders and their surroundings to foster engagement and real world learning. A sample of some of her past projects are included here.  For more details please go to the Category Archives section on the left scrollbar.

Passport Project

Project Details: This project was created and piloted by Kate McKenzie independentally with her students.  50 students were given the task to complete 20 tasks by the end of the year that would encourage them to engage with their community and expand their worldview.  Tasks included: meeting someone from a different cultural background, trying a new form of transportation, meeting a politician, going to a live music event and many more.  Student compiled their reflections and artifacts from each task into a personal book to be handed in at the end of the school year.

Reel World Youth Documentaries

Partners: Hidden Story Productions’ Chris Hsiung

Funding: Awesome Calgary & Calgary Foundation

Project Details: Students pursued their interests to find someone in their city who was making a difference.  They learned how to interview, collect sound and video and edit to turn their interviews into a short documentary film.  Students were able to present their final pieces in a Film Festival to an audience of over 300 people.

Radio Girls Podcast Project

Partners: CBC Radio’s Danielle Nerman

Funding: Calgary 2012

Project Details:  Building on Kate’s Passport Project, students learned how to take their experiences and turn them into stories.  Students were taught how to capture sound and develop a narrative to turn their stories into Podcasts.  They were given the opportunity to visit CBC Radio and present their podcasts to 200 people at our Podcast Listening Party.

Worldviews Workshops

Partners: Bob Edwards School & St. James School
Project Details:  Kate has facilitated workshops that allow students to understand global issues such as discrimination, access to clean water, poverty and conflict by allowing them to engage with issues first hand.  Whether through interactive scenarios or by interviewing those with unique perspectives, she provides opportunities for students to think critically about issues and come up with practical solutions.

Aboriginal Youth Explosion

Partners: Bridges Social Development & Pathways Community Services Association
Project Details: Kate was asked to offer her support as an artist and facilitator to Aboriginal youth ranging from 12-16 years of age.  Youth were able to select a method to share their story or something that mattered to them with the world.  Kate taught photography, art-installation, candy-making, and musical expression to allow participants to find a way they felt comfortable sharing their story with their community.  Participants were given the opportunity to share their final pieces at Mount Royal University as part of the Aboriginal Youth Explosion.

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