Inspirational Art: The first step

Art Preparation

A wise friend of mine told me that the first step towards becoming an artist is to call yourself an artist.  I believe that she was exactly right, how often do we under-estimate what we can do and hesitate from calling ourselves what we are.  I think far too often I have not done something because I determined I was not good enough, not professional enough or not experienced enough to start.  In reality, I think the secret may be in just doing it.  In this spirit, I have started creating art. 

I have worked as an artist in the past doing both graphic art and free-lance work for textbook publishers however, I have never had my own art show! It’s quite daunting to create pieces and hope, keeping my fingers crossed, that someone will like it enough to want to buy it, especially now that the stakes are higher and I am relying on this money to help me in my social enterprise.  Either way though, I’m doing it, I’m going to start.  I figure if I’m going to ask others to get involved and take daring first steps towards creating solutions to common global issues, I have to be willing to take those steps myself.