Inspirational Monday: CAWST

  This video was created by three Jr. High students as part of Reel World Youth Documentaries and produced by Worldviews Project & Hidden Story Productions. It is the first one to be featured within Inspirational Mondays, but look for more from my amazing students to come.  CAWST is making their community better and providing hope by providing water to communities worldwide. You can get involved by visiting

Reel World Youth Docs: Capturing the Moment

After many months of students madly grabbing cameras at the beginning of the day, in the middle of the day and on their way out the door we have neared the end our project.  It has been similar to watching an army prepare for war, except instead of war we are preparing to fight for hope.  We have geared up, tripods in hand, cameras slung over shoulders, recorders sticking out of our pockets, yelling Continue reading

3 Things for Calgary: Reel World Youth Documentaries

  To help advertise our film festival and to show what youth are doing in Calgary to make it a better place, we submitted this short film to 3 Things for Calgary.  3 Things for Calgary is an initiative of Mayor Nenshi  to engage Calgarians by encouraging them to find 3 ways they can make their city better.  I love this concept!

Awesome Calgary Pitch

Awesome Calgary is an amazing organization that supports people in starting up new concepts.  As I have applied for more and more grants and asked people to sponsor what I am doing, I have realized just how important groups like Awesome Calgary and Calgary Foundation are in helping start new innovations.  Without these people who are willing to take a risk on creative solutions we will only end up with more of the same ideas.  I couldn’t have done Worldviews Project without these groups.  I encourage you to get involved with an Awesome Foundation near you or start your own.  What an excellent way to create positive impact in your community.