Unexpected Courage

Squat toilet

Courage can take many shapes and forms.  For me it did not take too much courage to go down class 5 rapids on the Nile River, it also did not take a lot of courage to record a song with Rwandan musicians or to start up conversations with people that I had never met.  Instead what took the most courage for me in the last couple of weeks was going to the bathroom! Continue reading

Responding to Kony 2012

As many of you know a film has been widely circulating on Youtube and through social media called Kony 2012 while I have been here in Uganda.  I wanted to respond to the film and to provide some tools and resources to others who would like to understand the multiple perspectives involved in such a complex issue.  These two films will hopefully help to shed some light on what my experience has been here in Uganda and what Ugandans think about the film.  Please don’t just take my word for it, I have included below some other links you should check out, including the link to the original movie that spurred all of this discussion.  Looking forward to hearing back from all of you!